Adjustment to College Life

No matter what the expectations, nearly every student encounters challenging experiences or obstacles at the beginning of college that they didn't anticipate. Positive life changes produce stress, and certainly the changes involved in leaving home for college are demanding and can lead to varying emotions including sadness, loneliness and worry. These feelings are typical and part of the normal developmental transition to college. -- Villanova University



Join a Club
Take an Art Class
Participate in a Music Ensemble
Participate in a Cultural Program

Talking to Someone Who Can Help

Talk to a Counselor
Talk to Your Academic Adviser (found on, under “Success Network”)
Work with the Multicultural Resource Center
Visit Veteran Programs
Get Help with a Disability
Visit the LGBTQA Resource Center

Finding Other Support

Get Help with Homesickness
Have a Mental Health Screening
Get Support for a Relationship Breakup
Handle a Roommate Conflict
Adjust as an Adult Learner


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