Study Skills/Time Management

A balanced schedule of academics, extracurricular activities, and personal well-being that leaves room for the unexpected is the goal. It is critical to know the available resources for academic assistance and use them at the first sign of difficulty. -- Rice University


Study Skills

Evaluate Study Locations
Concept Maps
iStudy tutorials
Active Reading
Reading Comprehension
Note Taking
Note Taking II
Note Taking III
Learning Online � Are Your Ready?
Taking Breaks from Studying
Utilize Instructors Office Hours
Text Anxiety
Test Anxiety II

Time Management

Time Management
Time Management II
Time Management PowerPoint
Lists and Priorities
Goal setting
Scheduling Your Time
Managing Procrastination
Use a Monthly Planner I
Use a Monthly Planner II


What Smart Students Know: Maximum Grades. Optimum Learning. Minimum Time
The Time Diet Time Management for College Survival
The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook: How to accomplish more in less time, less effort, and less stress!
Time Management Workbook


How to study smarter, not harder - From How We Learn by Benedict Carey
Studying for Finals: Tips and Tricks
How to Manage Your Time Better
How to Stop Procrastinating
How to Get the Most Out of Studying (Dr. Stephen Chew Video Series)
How to Take Great Notes